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Default Re: Week 1: Palette & Papers

Originally Posted by Anygma View Post
There are so many nice sets of papers, i feel unworthy, since i only have a few layout under my belt and very little technical knowledge. i've been wanting to scan my wedding stuff to do something with it but i didn't even think about participating until this afternoon. i've been debating the whole time if i should even try... i've put it all together, since i'm here. if i'm too late, i guess that's what i get for making a last minute decision.

here's my swatch

i'll post the preview as soon as it's finished uploading to my new Mediafire account and have a download link to post with it. hope i get it right!
Whatever you put together will be gorgeous and special because it's been made by you! Think of it as a fun learning 'journey', and we're all here to lend a hand if you need ...
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