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Default Re: Let's Decorate those Eggs!!

Originally Posted by kimberkatt View Post
totally NOT laughing, Barb! I have no idea how to use PSP or Gimp either, lol

So, do you guys need PNG files for the templates? I can get them to you, if that's the case... I'm also assuming that you can "clip" papers/textures to the PNG files, correct? Or fill them w/ color?

Have you used other layered templates before?

Sorry for all the questions, just trying to narrow down how to help you guys play!
I use PI! also, because that's what came on my 'puter and I have no money for anything else. While I don't design my own kits, I can do a mean LO. I have NOT, however, figured out how to use layered templates, filling each shape/layer with a chosen paper, for example. The chooser thingy picks up the COLOR you click, but not the whole paper, then you can tweak the color and do gradients. It can be frustrating for sure, so I usually don't even bother with temps, other than to "scraplift" the general LO. HOWEVER, I did see a LO here with eggs that might be doable. You know, maybe not, I don't think you can even assign a color to one particular shade of gray, I think it does the whole darn thing, because it won't separate the layers. Urgh. Thanks for wanting to help though!! (And I'll keep watching here to see if there's something for me to learn!!)

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