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From the Piggy The EASTER EGG HUNT is ON!

I will "Tweet" after I "restock" the eggs!
Our twitter:

Happy Easter Everyone!!!!


We've got our 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt today, Sunday, April 24, only. Find any of the 14 decorated egg and click for an instant, downloadable surprise. Each egg will contain a small goodie for any & all finders. Each egg may also contain a super-duper-uber special surprise. Per feedback from last year, each egg will be restocked several times on Easter Sunday to give everyone in most time zones a fair chance at finding a super-duper-uber special surprise!

Note: Each super-duper-uber special surprise is available to the First Customer Only! If it does not work, someone has beaten you to the prize. However, eggs will be restocked several times, for different time zones, today.

Eggs will be hidden in the New Products section of our Personal Use Store only.

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