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Default Re: Spending budget??

Great questions Rebecca! I don't have a budget, per say, it's whatever is available in my paypal at the moment. I LOVE, love, love shopping for bargains! And that includes non-digi scrap stuff, too! I am that person that scours multiple stores to "price" everything before I buy - when you don't have a lot to spend, you become very frugal! lol I also go for grab bags (if revealed enough to see what's in it), or things like the 10 for $10 deals - I've even been known to buy enough just to get that free with purchase! LOVE sales (who doesn't ?) and I love to shop the bargain bins & retiring products, especially with designers I don't know so well, so if I do get burned on something, it will be a small $$ amount

BUT! with all that said, if I'm looking for something specific and find it, I'll buy it full price, no doubt! Then it goes into my "basics" folder and I'll probably use it over and over and over again for the rest of eternity! LOL!
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