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Default Sorry for my absence

I haven't had the energy to scrap for quite a while, my job is taking up all my energy, I have been feeling dead tired, listless and depressed for quite a while now.
It got so bad I reported sick and asked my GP for an overall blood test.

Well, the results are in. They are better than I expected, no anaemia, no pfeiffer, no diabetes, cholesterol is fine, too, liver function slightly worse than normal, but better than it was in the past (I have different medication, now, which isn't as much of a strain on my liver).

But the one thing they did find covers all my symptoms, which include:
bleeding gums, muscle spasms and cramps, aching muscies and joints, impaired sleep, fatigue, depression, palpitations, and impaired healing of injuries....

The cause?????

My Vitamin D levels are way too low, and probably have been for years, especially in winter. I have been suffering from winter depression and winter fatigue for many years, though not nearly as badly as this winter.
Not that summer sunshine solves it all, I have a very fair skin, so I cannot stay out in the sun for too long, anyway.
So I am going to have to take vitamin tablets with adequate amounts of D on a regular basis.

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