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Default Re: ADSR Intersection (Leg 14)

Originally Posted by Jacque@RestoredElegance View Post
i have to say i am soooooooooooooooo lost on this challenge. i know what a doppleganger is but NO clue how to relate it to this challenge

AND it says the winning team gets......

how do u win this i thought it was a participation thing until the end? UGH! :eek:
Hi Jacque!

You need to find someone or some"thing" (be creative here!) in your life (family, friends, pets, your first car etc...) that either looks just like you, or acts just like you, or maybe eats just like you, or some other kind of similarity to yourself (if your the racer adding the pictures) with journaling to support why this person/thing is your Doppelganger.

So, for example, I would choose my daughter because not only does she look almost exactly like me, but she is a pure copy of my personality & attitude on so many levels! Poor girl! lol

As for the prize, I believe there was some confusion and we're working on it now to figure out exactly what we are supposed to do here - we were under the impression that winners would be chosen after each challenge so we just need some clarification on all of that! Please be gentle with us, this is a first-time hosting ADSR. Thanks guys!
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