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Default Re: theStudio goes SOCIAL!

Originally Posted by Angeltown View Post
That's already true regardless of us adding a button.

When you post a layout (or any photo) on the web you automatically make that possible. If someone wants to share your content all they have to do is copy the url and post it on to Facebook, MySpace, etc. That does the exact same thing as the share buttons; the button simply saves the step of copying & pasting the url. There's no way to opt out of sharing on a public site. It's simply part of posting online.
That's true! Even when you post pics on your blog, anyone can right-click & choose "copy image location", then use that link to post it just about anywhere - that's why we have so many copyright conflicts now, people assume they can use anyone's images because they're there and it's that easy to get them

Des, I've yet to see someone sharing someone elses images (sans piracy, that is!), unless it's the designer sharing her CT layouts, so if you're comfortable posting to the gallery, then I think it'll be okay. If someone chooses to "like" your layout for facebook, it doesn't upload the image, just the link to the layout Now, I have no idea how that works for MySpace because I don't use it... but I'm assuming it's not going to actually post the image, just the link to the image for others to come and see - twitter does the same, just the link... so I think it's just as safe as uploading the image into the gallery because it is a public gallery and you don't have to be registered or signed in to see the images, although I completely understand your concerns... I argued with myself for the longest time before uploading pictures of my kids, there are some creepy people out there! Thank God they don't like to Digi Scrap!! LOL!
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