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Default and..... We're back!!!!

well, almost

Just got word that our stuff will be delivered in.... about 3 weeks. SO..... although I probably won't be able to work on this one, I thought I'd make this months challenge about


I DO apologize for being awol, but it couldn't be helped. You see, we moved. Not just to a different town, but across an ocean. You can keep up with what's going on, on my blog at

IF it gets here in time, I'll try and put a page together with our new "digs" but for the challenge I would like you to
pick a move... (any move in your family's history) be it recent, or 300 years ago,
and scrap it.

Document the way the move took place,
- could they take everything, or nothing,
- how was the transportation (covered wagen, railroad, ship or modern move)
- who was involved (Did just that family unit move, or several siblings together etc.)
- what prompted the move in the first place

If you have them, add a picture of the moving family, and/or the house (moving to or leaving) but most of all, tell the story, and have fun!

See you in the gallery!!


PS: Don't forget to credit the designers? I know I'm really bad at it myself, but keep trying

Pps: Did you know that the term "pulling up stakes" dates from the time that you marked your property line/property claim with wooden stakes? When you moved, you just pulled the stakes, and the property was up for grabs again.