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Default Not really a question.....

... but I didn't know where else to post and I'm just so excited! My Aunt traced our Family history (Grandmother's side) back to 1340 !!!! I am completely ecstatic about this and can't wait to get together with her and get all the details & photos she's dug up! Having lost about 10 years worth of photos of me & my brother/family when we were young, I treasure every little piece of our past! Apparently, taking photos runs in the family and so does Scrapbooking!! How cool is that to find out!! My Aunt actually contacted some of the family that is still alive and they have Scrapbooks (just like my Gramma's!) that they are going to copy and send to her, I can't wait to see them! And one of our distant relatives was one of the first "photographers" and passed it on to his son!! It's so funny to learn because ALL the women in my family take pictures... lots of pictures... are obsessed with pictures! Now we know why, it's in our blood!! lol

Just a little tidbit I wanted to share...
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