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Default Re: June 2011 ATC Challenge {1}: Superpowers!

Originally Posted by jimmyrose View Post
This is how I was told to do it and it works for me:

You already have a link to the gallery in the forum, so click on your link. When you get to your page in the gallery, scroll down to the - Direct Link . Left click and highlight the whole address. This goes beyond what is shown, so get the whole thing. Right click and then click copy. Now come back to the forum and on your entry click edit. When the window comes up, click Go Advanced. When this window comes up, place your curser where you want your page to show and then look at the tools above. Click on the yellow post card with mountains on it. A new window opens where you right click inside the highlighted http:// and there is where you paste. Be sure it is inside the highlighted area so the whole address is there. Save the changes and your page should be there. Hope this helps.
Yep, that's right! Thanks for helping!!!
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