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Default Re: Don't think I ever introduced myself!

Hi Nancy!

I wondered about "Ayla". I'm reading book 6 now, I've stayed up too late a couple of nights this week & that thing is sooooooooooo heavy. My poor arm (still recovering from surgery) has been very sore.

You are freaking me out a little... I have 6 kids as well, 4 are still at home (though the oldest is here for summer). I'm not single, but a soldier's wife, sometimes it feels pretty single. I'm not a nurse, I wanted to be in the medical field until 1, 2 then 3 came along. Luckily 5 of mine are boys & I get to practice my basic medical skills. A lot.

Your LO's are beautiful! And I love having you here.

Big smooches,


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