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Default Re: Week 3: Fun with Water

Tropical Daydream


Family fun at any water is a yearly thing. We plan again to go Father's Day to the Lake at Lathontan boating and Wakeboarding. I did try it and got up once or twice at Lake Almanor, CA where the family was wakeboarding during most of the summer of 2009, Grampa and I usually are the look out for the one's riding the waves. We rented a campsite on the Lake for the summer along with our daughter and her family. We had the first two sites which was so perfect for the wonderful view of the Lake. They had a little alcove where small children could play in the water. The boat dock was right near us so we could just walk right out onto the dock. The wild flowers were so beautiful that summer alone the coast line next to the campsite. I guess some lady planted wild flowers years ago and they are still coming up every year.