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Default Re: Week 3: Fun with Water

I have been thinking a lot about my grandson lately. Tanner was five years old then. Now, he is a wonderful young man. He is leaving on the Fourth of July for boot camp in the Air Force.

The journaling says:

When our grandson, Tanner was 5 years old, we took him on a vacation. We wanted to introduce him to family in Chicago. We criss crossed several states, stopping at every child friendly attraction we could find. This was his "I will only eat at McDonald's" phase. On we went, zig - zagging several states going from McDonald's to McDonald's. Each night we would stay at a hotel and the first thing Tanner would ask was "Where is the pool?" and "Can we go swimming yet?" He loved the water so much. I would put his floaties on his arms and get into the pool with him while he splashed and paddled around. He had so much fun and he tired himself out each night. Now his grandfather had a different idea of what to do at the pool. He would climb into the hot tub and relax until it was time to go to our room. They each enjoyed the water in a different way. Even now I am not sure who had the most "Water Fun" on that vacation.

So, ok here is mine: