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Originally Posted by JCSimon View Post
I think I've done six so far, and plan on completing as many as possible. The only ones I know I won't do are the photo challenge (photo a day) simply because of physical limitations, and Terrell's sketch challenge because I just can't figure out how to use the sketch! LOL

This month's kit is great....I want as much of it as I can snag
Jamie, the sketch challenge isn't that complicated actually. What I do is pull everything out and then put it back together the way I want it. So I set my selector to select by color at something pretty high (maybe 60 or 70), the select something, like Terrell's snowman. It highlights the snowman and I copy and paste as a new object. Then I do the same with the rest.

You only need to go to those lengths if you want to change the size of some pieces, which I needed to in this case. Otherwise you can just highlight areas where you want things to show through, like a picture frame and delete the background behind it, so you can insert your picture in the bottom layer (like a quick page). Select the black background and fill it with your background paper (or, if you want to be able to shadow it, delete the black and insert a picture beneath it), and you're good to go.

And now you don't need to miss out on Terrell's wonderful participation bonus.
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