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Default Re: Week 4: Reflections

Here is mine:

This was very hard to write. Many people know I lived with my aunt and uncle from the time I was 15, but they did not know why. This is the first time I ever wrote about it.

Thank you for the kit and the challenge.


reflection, noun 1. (Thought) consideration, observation, thinking, contemplation, study

Reflecting back on my past, I think about my mother, my aunt and my uncle. It was a long road and it was not an easy one. My mother was a beautiful young bride that had problems she could not cope with. She was raised by an abusive mother and an indifferent father. She never learned how to love, but she desperately craved love. To escape her life and to find love, my mother married very young. To get the love she craved, she had six daughters and a son. Then my mother reverted to the only thing she knew. She would fly into rages and abuse the children that she looked to for love. We never knew what to expect from her. Some days she was kind and gentle other days brought us to the end of hope. One day when I was about ten years old, I asked her why she did not love me. The answer I got was "You can't choose your children. Some people are lucky and love the ones they get, others like me are not that lucky." I was the oldest of my siblings and so I felt responsible for the others. I would place myself between my mother and who ever was the object of her rage. One day when I was fifteen years old, my sister Mary came home to one of those rages. Mom picked up a broom and came at her with the wooden handle. I stood between them and stood my ground. I would not let her hit my sister again. I told her we were leaving and that she could not stop us. I pushed her down and we all ran from the house. My aunt and uncle lived two blocks away and that was the only place I knew to go. My aunt was my grandmother's sister and my godmother and I loved her very much. Her name was Gladys and we called her Aunt Glady. I did not know how much she loved me until much latter. I told her what had happened. She said she would take care of things. I don't know what was said between my aunt, my uncle, my father and my mother but, I know things were taken care of. My youngest sister and my brother were taken in by mu father's brother. My grandmother took in the others. I stayed with Aunt Glady and Uncle Ed. After about two years, the others went back home and my mother was much better. I lived with my aunt and uncle until I went college. I believe they saved my life. I know they made it worth living. Aunt Glady showed me that I am lovable just as I am, that I have value as a human being and that I can love others in return. These two wonderful, generous, loving people made it possible for me to live a happy and full life. They gave me what I needed to find a loving husband and to love him in return. Because of them I was able to raise two children without continuing the cycle of abuse. Both my Aunt Glady and my Uncle Ed have passed away now. I miss them both very much. They were my family, my example and my strength. I loved them very much.

Aunt Glady and Uncle 1969