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Default Re: To all those who did reflections

Originally Posted by Ayla1964 View Post
I haven't had internet access and am posting from my phone even now. It definitely was a very thought provoking challenge, and I am grateful to be able to participate. As much fun as it is to scrap happy times, the rough times are every bit as important in scrapping our stories. Thanks to all who participated this week for baring your hearts and souls!
I so agree! By not scrapping difficult times, other scrappers have the perception that life is perfect for some ... and wonder what happened to them! A perfect example came up during ADSR Season 6 ... it was very distressing for at least one racer because she has a difficult family life. I hope by sharing the stories in this week's challenge, folks who may be struggling are encouraged by the layouts. I, too, had a difficult time creating my page. However, I loved it once it was complete.

I've read through all the layouts, too. I wouldn't want to be a judge. Best of luck to my fellow racers! It sure has been a great challenge the past few weeks!