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Old 02-13-2010, 10:02 AM
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Default 10 for 10 free coupon

I've been trying to get the coupons for the 10for10 offers, and sofar I haven't been able to. I already had to give my creditcard # once, and was charged. Luckily I received a coupon to use in the store for the amount it was charged for, but...... Even if I put only the 10for10 order in my shoppingcart, it still wants my creditcard#.
Am I missing something in the order of things? I really don't want to have things charged to my creditcard unless I have to. LOL

My understanding of the process: Put the 10for10 in your basket and check-out. You will receive an email with a coupon. You go back into the store and put the individual kits in your basket. Go to checkout, enter coupon, and you receive the downloadlinks......... Is that how it should work? I just cannot get past the checkout on the first part. :eek:

Have 2 emails in, but no reply received. Figured I try this way. If it's a flaw in my thinking, I'm sorry, but can you tell me how to go about this?
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Old 02-13-2010, 03:58 PM
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Hi Pauli,

It seems our Contact Us form is still not working well. Please know you can always email me at toiny@digitalscrapbookingstudio.com or our CS at customerservice@digitalscrapbookingstudio.com

I'm not sure I understand the question. We don't accept credit cards, only paypal. If you can shoot me an email with the order number I can take a closer look. Or the name on your Studio store account, I can find you and then give you specific help with where you are at.

How the 10 for $10 works, is buy the coupon in, ie in the 10 for $10 Valentines Special. You will be charged $10 via paypal. Once you pay the $10 paypal redirects you to our site and the download link will be available. Once you click "download" you will get the text file with the coupon code, as well as the direct links to all the kits.

Add all the kits to your cart
Click "Checkout"
Add the Coupon Code and click "submit"
Your new total will be $0.00
And the download links for each kit will appear in your account

Again, please email me with specifics so I can be of further assistance. This is a truly fantastic deal!



my email
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