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Gingerbread House Challenge Build a digital gingerbread house with Min, Carin Grobe Design!

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Old 07-24-2012, 10:30 AM
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Default Build a Gingerbread House - Day 2

Welcome back, gingerbread house architects

Before I get to today's task and download, let me add a couple more general things, that I didn't manage to explain good enough yesterday:

This challenge is far from being as strict as the regular, monthly PS - you're free to add and change things whenever you feel like it. And if on the last day you decide you want to do it completely different - go ahead, this is purely for fun, lol!

I did decide to not pm you with the download links, but instead the links will be posted here every day, just like yesterday - I hope you will still show us your steps, even if you miss one. Don't let me get lonely in this forum, lol!

Also I'm always open for suggestions and requests - if you want me to add somethig specific, ask away, I will try to meet your wishes.

Here are two pics, that I'm actually embarrassed to share (that's why I didn't yesterday, lol). My printer is getting old and doesn't print well anymore, esp not on cardboard so I testprinted the hybrid house on regular paper which makes it a little wobbly. AND someone (and I suspect it was my beloved teenie daughter) managed to let every small scissor in this household dissappear - so I thought, oh, well, for my personal test it doesn't really matter if the cuts in the tiny windows are neat. Sigh. Anyway, here are two pics - note that the houses are not really decorated much, since it was just the test to see if my hybrid template worked.

Pic 1 shows a house for an advent calendar, with a roof and a number.

Pic 2 shows a house with cut windows and no roof, but with a burning tealight within (a LED version would be much safer!)

Maybe that will give you a clearer idea what the hybrid version is about.

I added this version as .png to today's download, in case one of you would like to have quick start on this, lol.
The main part of the download will be the icing on your house. Included are two icing styles and lots of ready made elements, as well as an icing alpha with numbers. (and a small window for the hybrid version)

Your task for today: Add some icing to your house!
Save your work and post it in the Christmas in July gallery and leave a link here in this thread so we all can admire your work!

Here's your download link: Day 2

Tomorrow you wil get more embellishments to add to your house.


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