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Default Avatars, Signatures and Profile photos

It is possible to add a customized avatar, a signature and a photo of your choice to your profile. The steps to do that are as follows:


Avatars can be either uploaded to an image hosting website or to the Stone Accents Studio forum. In both cases the first steps to follow in order to have an avatar would be very similar. First you need to go to the User CP, it's located on the upper left corner in the Forum as you can see in the following screenshot.

Once we have accessed the User CP we will find a menu on column form on the left of our screen. The option we need to select in order to get an avatar is in the Settings and Options Menu> Edit Avatar where we will find a similar screen to the one above.

We can see in this screen whether we have or not an avatar. We are also given the options of either uploading an avatar from our computer or using an avatar we already have in an image storage website.

In the first case, uploading an avatar to the Forum, the steps to follow are the next ones:

1. Click on Use Custom Avatar

2. Go where it reads Option 2 upload image from your computer, click on the button that reads Browse, navigate to the folder in your computer where you have the image you wish to use, select it and click Open. The picture or animated gif you have chosen will be uploaded to the forum.

3. Click on the Save Changes at the bottom of your screen to save the changes made to your profile and to save the avatar you want to use in the Forum.

In the second case, the steps to follow are similar at the beginning:

1. Click on Use Custom Avatar as before

2. Go where it reads Option 1 - Enter the URL to the Image on Another Website and paste the URL of the picture you wish to use as avatar

3. Click on Save Changes at the bottom of your screen to save the changes made to your profile and to save the URL to the avatar you wish to use in the Forum.

In both cases a series of rules apply regarding avatars.

1. Avatars should be 80x80 pixels in size 72 dpi and with a maximum size of 20 kb. This avatar size will be enough in most of the cases whether you wish to use a custom avatar or an animated one of your choice(GIF animated ones).

2. The reason for limiting the size of the avatars is in order to facilitate the download of the pages. After a while we will all want to have avatars and signatures with blinkies, and whether they are uploaded or whether they are in an image storage website, they will increase the time a page needs to be downloaded. As not everyone has the fastest connection and some days, we all know, the fastest connection may work at snail pace, we try to limit the size of the avatars as well as the size of signatures and blinkies in the signatures, for the forum to be a place easy to navigate for everyone, any time.

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