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Introduce Yourself! New to theStudio? Or been here a while but you've been lurking? Stop here and introduce yourself! Tell us how you got started in digiscraping or what you love about digiscraping - just anything you'd like to say! We'd love to welcome you to our community! Make sure to start a new thread so you don't get lost in a thread that is already there!! ;>)

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Old 02-16-2013, 07:55 AM
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Default Hi from a newbie in Ottawa Canada

I'm in the next half century of life looking forward to retirement but not waiting for it to happen before I start dabbling in things I want to learn about and do. I'm up early, get work out of the way and then try and spend a little time with my hobbies. Unfortunately, it's usually very little time - but little is better than none!

I discovered digital scrapbooking last summer when I wanted to put together some scrapbooks for my family. I love looking at the beautiful layouts in the gallery and look for inspiration to build on what I've learned about putting pages together of the photos I have and tackle other scrapbooking areas such as art journaling and art pages.

I just recently stumbled upon this site and really like the store and hope to participate in some of the challenges! I find challenges are a great way to get motivated and learn new things. I am working totally digital with photoshop cs6. I print most of my finished pages. They either go in one of my scrapbook or framed on the wall. I've even printed some on fabric to quilt or use in some present or project. I do belong to a couple of other sites but each have their own flavors and I prefer to stick to the site's products if I'm involved in their forum. I've recently added a lot of theStudio products so I have a lot to play with :-)

I'm also a very amateur photographer and I sometimes tag along after my son who's a nature photographer. I try to be creative with the pictures I take, even the not so good ones can be put to creative use sometimes. Other times my son lets me use some of his. It all depends on what I'm working on.

Looking forward to being here. It might take me a while to figure things out and get organized. I'm not the fastest turtle in the pond ;-) Now if I can win the lottery so I can stay ALL day - LOL
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Old 02-16-2013, 08:12 AM
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Default Re: Hi from a newbie in Ottawa Canada

Hi!!! Happy to have you here. I love that you quilted some of your scrapbooking, I've done two memory quilts as well and they are my favorite quilts ever.

I hope you do join some of our challenges. They are great for inspiration & motivation. Plus, I hear you can score some freebies


my email
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Old 02-16-2013, 11:58 AM
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Default Re: Hi from a newbie in Ottawa Canada

Welcome!!! I'm getting close to the 3/4 century and loving every moment of it!! Especially my digi scrapping and my friends here at DSS. So glad you have joined us. Looking forward to seeing you in lots of our challenges!!!
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Old 02-23-2013, 01:18 PM
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Default Re: Hi from a newbie in Ottawa Canada

Hi and welcome! You sound super busy, but I am glad you are making time for yourself and your passions! I would LOVE to see you in my Surprise Me Border Challenge! It is super simple, so might be a great place to get your feet wet in the challenges! I hope to see you there: http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio...ad.php?t=13168

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Old 02-23-2013, 01:55 PM
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Default Re: Hi from a newbie in Ottawa Canada

Winning the lottery and staying all day sounds like a wonderful dream! I'm adding that to my list. Welcome to The Studio. And you're absolutely right about the challenges - a great way to get you going!

Welcome Patricia to another fellow Canadian! I have a niece and three great nieces living in Ottawa. They love it except the cold winters!
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