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Old 09-25-2008, 01:03 PM
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Default Round 4 Theme and Poll Time Change

Welcome to round 4 of the Next SAS-y Lady contest. Since some of the previews from round 3 were missing for a while and I was unable to send the newsletter out when I wanted to (see my intro in the newsletter) we have decided to change the close of the round 3 vote to 6 pm tonight. I don’t think that these things changed the vote results, I took a screen shot just before the move and a few minutes ago and there has been very little change in the percentages. Even though the round 4 vote is not closed until 6 I am posting the round 4 theme now.

The theme for round four is “Show your Style.” Contestants can design any size, style and color kit that they want. They should use this round to show what they can do when there are no restrictions other than quality. So, have at it, show us your style and your best. There are a lot of problems with pirating in the digital community so I have added a restriction below. JulieO

Contestants are encouraged to blog about their entries and ask people to vote for them but giving away prizes in exchange for voting is prohibited. You may give out add-ons on your blog.

Each entry must include,
There must be two previews for each kit showing whatever you choose to show. Only 2 previews should be posted in the contest gallery.

Quality Control
Entries will not be checked for quality but all kits should follow the industry standards as stated below.
Papers must be 12 x 12 at 300 dpi and saved as a jpg.
All embellishments must be 300 dpi and have a transparent background, the standard format is PNG.
You must include your TOU in each kit
There must be 2 previews included in the zips
Check for stray pixels (select item, make a new layer above, stroke selection with a bright color, stray pixels will show up)
Check the edges of your paper carefully to make sure that you brought all layers to the edge while designing the paper.
All elements must be on their on their own file.
No drop shadows on elements, but they are allowed on layered elements.
Size all of the elements properly, close to the size they should be.
No copyrighted materials can be used.
You should only use Commercial Use items if you have purchased them or gotten them as freebies in a legitimate manner.

Pirating is a serious problem in the digital community, it steals money from hard working designers and pirating in any manner is not tolerated at SAS. Any contestants that are in this contest should be aware that if it can be proved that they are connected to pirating they will not be allowed to have a store at SAS. Your reputation is THE most important thing you have in the digital community so guard it carefully.

You must post your entry in the Designer Contest gallery by 6 p.m. on the specified day. All entries must be hosted on your own file sharing account (4-Shared etc…) and must be available for download by the SAS members throughout the entire contest, even if you drop out or do not make it to the next round. All entries remain your property.

The voting will be done strictly by the SAS registered members. Since it is often difficult to pick just one favorite and to help offset the concerns that design contests become popularity contests members will be allowed to vote for more than one entry. They may only vote one time but they may pick more than one entry. Members will be encouraged to vote for no more than 3 entries but there is no way to limit it. We also strongly encourage members to open the kits and look them over before making their decisions.

All times are Central Standard Time
The contest runs from September 4th and runs through October 2nd when the new SAS-y Ladies will be announced.
A theme or palette will be posted in the designer contest forum by 1 p.m. each Thursday Entries are due by 6 p.m. the following Monday
Voting starts at 6 p.m. Mondays
Voting closes at noon on Thursdays
Winners of each round will be announced by 1 p.m.
Any questions can be posted in this thread. The most important rules of the contest are to let your creativity soar and to have fun!


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