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Tutorials and Links to Good Tutorials If have a tutorial or a link to one you would like to share or want to know how to do something, this is the place to post

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Old 04-07-2010, 03:43 PM
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Default How to make a Quick Page

I am not great at writing tutorials so hopefully this makes sense!

If you are not familiar, a quick page is a finished scrapbook page with an open spot that you can slide your photo behind to have a finished page, quickly!

To create a quick page you need software that allows you to have a transparent background and to save your images as .png files. If you scrapbook digitally, you likely have these things already.

Step 1: Create your layout as normal. Make sure you save your finished layout to your computer. We are going to be modifying the file a lot and you wouldn’t want to lose it.

Step 2: Delete any text or items that make your layout personal. (Journaling, titles, dates etc.)

Step 3: We want to “cut out” the photo spot from all layers that come BELOW the photo leaving a transparent “hole” in our layout. I use PSE, so the following steps will be for that program, but these should work in PS as well.

-Merge all layers that come below the photo, not including the photo layer (or clipping mask for the photo).

-CMD/CTRL click on the photo layer, putting marching ants around the photo. Click on the layer that you just created by merging and press the delete key. Now, delete the photo layer. You should have a pretty hole where they photo used to be.

Step 4: Merge all layers (don’t flatten) and save as a .png file and you’re done!

A few additional comments/notes:

If your photo is in a frame, you will need to cut the hole to work inside the frame instead of the size of the photo. I select inside the frame, then select->modify->expand 2-3 pixels and then delete. It’s even trickier if you are using a mask.
Make sure that if you are creating a quick page from a template that the template is CU OK. Most templates are not.
Don’t EVER create and give away a quick page without permission from the designer of the kit you used. This is a violation of most TOU files. Most quick pages you find around scrap-land were created by designers or their creative team members.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here. I will try to help, or maybe someone else can!

Thanks for looking! Follow me for the latest on Nibbles Skribbles:

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