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Arrow Hybrid 101: Sharing the Love | Day 3: Techniques for Layered Templates

Note for those that purchased the prepped Our House Mini Book kit: Your download includes an inside pages template with grouped multiple options for each section of the page. You pick and choose sections by simply hiding/un-hiding layers as described below. In my opinion the easiest way to create multiple pages with this file is to make the layers you want visible, duplicate all of the groups as described below and merge the duplicated groups together to make a complete page. Then repeat the process for each page. If you need any further explanation I’d be happy to provide screen shots of this process.

Now that we know the basics of using a template, we’re going to look at a template that includes more options. Begin by opening your photo editing program like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Now let’s open the template for the inside pages of our mini book:


As you can see, the inside pages are similar to the covers we completed yesterday. Just like the cover, each template will make the front & back of one page once you print & fold it in half. If you look at the layers palette, you can see each house shape is split up into 3 sections: roof, middle floor & bottom floor. This allows you to create a dollhouse style pages showing little “rooms” of your Our House mini book.

In addition I’ve included the complete house shape in case you prefer a solid page instead of a dollhouse style. When you open the template, you can see the solid pages are hidden. I’ll show you to unhide these pages in a minute, but first let talk about your options to create all your inside pages.

Your completed mini book can have as many different inside pages as you want to create. There are a couple of different ways you can use one template to create multiple pages:
  • Save a new copy of the template for each page. This is the simplest method, and probably the easiest if you’re new to working with files with lots of layers. For example, starting the first page I could save a copy of my template as: AHartline_OurHouse_MBTPages_01.psd
  • You can also duplicate the template layers within one file and hide the layers you’re not using as you work and print. This is more advanced method that I recommend for users comfortable with your software.

If you prefer to use the solid pages instead of dollhouse style pages, you’ll need to unhide the solid pages and hide the split up templates. To do this, all you need to do is click the little eye symbol (or empty box if the layer is hidden) next to the layer in the layers palette. When you can see the eye symbol the layer is visible, when the box is empty the layer is hidden.

Now, if you want to use the second method above to create your pages, you’ll need to duplicate the template layers for each page you want to create. To duplicate a layer, make sure the layer is selected in the layers palette, then:
  • click the little downward pointing arrow in the upper right hand corner of the layers palette and select ‘Duplicate Layer’ from the menu; or
  • Layer Menu --> Duplicate Layer

Repeat as many times as needed to create as many page combinations as you want. You can hide layers you’re not using as needed.

If you do choose to duplicate the layers to create multiple pages, you’ll quickly have a lot of layers in your file. In order to more easily stay organized, you can put your layers into groups. To create a group:
  • click the little folder icon at the bottom of the layers palette; or
  • Layer Menu --> New --> Group

Now just drag and drop layers into your new group. You can rename the group just like you rename layers to make it easier to identify it in the layers palette. As you can see here, I’ve put all the layers I need to make one page in a group.

Then I can simply duplicate the group (just like duplicating a layer above) for each page I want to create. Instead of hiding layers one at a time, I can hide entire groups by clicking the eye next to the group instead of next to each layer. In this way I can easily create as many pages as I want all within one file.

You may need to recolor the divider between floors to better coordinate with your paper choices. To do this, set your foreground color to the new color you want. Then:

Edit Menu --> Fill --> Foreground Color | Mode: Normal: Opacity: 100% | Preserve Transparency Checked

Here you can see I’ve changed my floor dividers to red.

Use the methods above and the template skills we learned yesterday to create your inside pages. Don’t be afraid to mix-n-match the papers for a fun look! Remember there are no rules! Here are a few of my pages:

  1. Apply papers to your pages template: AHartline_OurHouse_MBTPages.psd
  2. Repeat for each additional page in one of the methods explained above

That’s it! Tomorrow we’ll talk about decorating our cover and pages. Can’t wait to see your projects!

PDF Printable of this Post: http://angelhartline.com/images/hybr... theStudio.pdf
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