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Member Template Exchange led by the absolutely awesome Kimberkatt Scraps!

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Old 09-02-2010, 06:40 PM
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Default Member Template Exchange starts NOW!!

Welcome to theStudio's Birthday Bash Template Exchange!

This exchange is relatively straight forward... you make a layered Template to share with other participants!!! Any layered template will do: 12X12, 8X8, 8.5X11, 5X7, 4X6, or any other layered template you can think of! Anyone & everyone is welcome to join in the fun! I even have a super easy way to make a template if this is your first time!

Easy Way to Make a Layered Template from a Layout:
  1. Open your layered layout
  2. Delete all titles, dates, pictures, journaling and extra elements you do not want to include in your template.
  3. Select your first layer (background)
  4. Go to Brightness/Contrast
  5. Turn the CONTRAST all the way DOWN
  6. Repeat for each layer you want to include in your template
  7. If grey colors are similar, you can turn the BRIGHTNESS up or down depending on if you want to darken or lighten the tone.
  8. You should now have a layered template! Easy, right?
I wanted to make sure that this is clear.... DO NOT use elements that are Unique to the designer you used to create your layout!!!! Things such as Flourishes, doodles or any hand-drawn/painted elements are NOT okay to use with the instructions above! Any element that has a definite "unique" shape to it, can NOT be used in a template design!! (Unless YOU are the one who made them, of course! ) Things like round buttons, basic butterfly shapes, straight ribbons, ricrac, basic bows & string, straight stitches, scallop edges, bracket shapes, etc are considered "basic" shapes and ARE allowed to be used following the instructions above!
If they are not, follow these steps:
  1. Make a New Layer on top of the layer you wish to convert
  2. Select your layer (CTRL+layer)(so you have the "marching ants" around your image.)
  3. Make sure you are on your New blank layer and select the Fill tool
  4. Fill the selection with a SOLID color (preferably a shade of grey/black/white for templates)
  5. Delete the original layer, leaving just the solid layer
Thanks ladies! Just wanted to make sure that no one inadvertently went against copyright! If you are unsure about the elements, don't use them in the template design. You can either omit them altogether or use your own shapes that came with your program to fill in! I tend to NOT use elements in my templates, because I feel the Scrapper should have the freedom to embellish as they wish! Templates really are just a guideline, and providing Photo placement, borders & edging, and paper layering is what is needed to make a layout! Embellishments are just frill!

Once your template is done, save as PSD, TIFF, or PNG's zip it up with a TOU & a small JPG preview, upload to whichever file hosting site you prefer and PM me the link. At the end of the month, I will compile all templates submitted and send them out to everyone who participated!

You can post your previews in the Template Exchange Gallery and then post a link back here so we can go drool over them until the end of the month! You are allowed to make however many templates you wish! Now go and have some fun!!!

Each person who submits a template will get my portion of the Blueberry Picnic Collab just for participating!!

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