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Spring Fling Design Contest Check the "sticky" thread for more details.

Each Week there are 3 Winners

  • First: theStudio CU $10.00 Gift Certificate
  • Second: theStudio PU $10.00 Gift Certificate
  • Third: Persnickety prints $10.00 Gift Certificate
  • Everyone who participates all four weeks is eligible for the Grand Prize: A Wacom Bamboo*

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Old 04-01-2011, 02:41 AM
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From the Piggy Week 1: Palette & Papers

Hi all!

This is for F-U-N... and a couple prizes

You may do this week only, only next week, all the weeks, it is up to you. Each week is a contest in and of itself. This means each week there will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner. There are no eliminations!

Note: Once you pick your palette (yes, you pick your palette), this will be your palette for the entire contest. Regardless of which week, or weeks, you participate in.

Most Important Note: To qualify for the Grand Prize of a Wacom Bamboo you must participate in all 4 weeks.

Are you ready?

Week 1: Palette & Papers

April brings us not only Easter but also the Royal Wedding. I remember the absolute spell I was under with Princess Di's wedding. I'm fairly excited with Will & Kate's wedding as well. The theme for everyone will be Wedding. This theme will the theme for the entire contest.

Wedding season is rolling around in the States and your designs are sure to catch the eye of many brides-to-be. Or, ahum, procrastinators like myself who are still not done with their wedding album years, even decades, later.

Your assignment for Week 1:
  • Choose a palette (a minimum of 3 colors up to 5 million).
  • You do not have to share the palette on your preview. But you may.
  • Use the theme: Wedding
  • 12 papers. No more, no less.
  • Due date: Thursday April 7 at midnight (EST)
  • You must post your preview in the Week 1: Spring Fling Design Contest
  • Preview size is standard 600X600 @72dpi
  • You must provide download links (4shared, boxnet, rapidshare, etc.).
  • You may blog, blog, blog!
  • Voting is done exclusively by the Admin & Design Team at theStudio
That's it! This is for fun, we are not QC'ing you. Still, do remember to include a TOU with your zip files. Do remember to credit the CU artists who helped you design your products.

Remember the palette (your choice) and theme: Wedding (my choice) are for the duration of this contest.

A little inspiration:

Each picture links back to the site I found it on, these are not mine, merely inspiration. There are a ton of wedding sites out there, many with amazing palettes (aka boards in wedding parlance). Feel free to be inspired or walk your own path.

my email

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