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Old 05-10-2011, 11:07 AM
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From the Piggy ADSR Intersection (Leg 14)

Welcome to theStudio! We are so proud & honored to be hosting part of ADSR this year.

ADSR Intersection:
Both Racer's will collaborate on ONE project/LO

Challenge Theme: Doppleganger

Ever meet your doppleganger? Traditionally this means someone that looks just like you, but in the spirit of ADSR you can be creative! Meaning, this can also be your doppleganger in, um, creativity or spirit.


1) Racer 1: creates a basic page for Racer 2; to :
  • 3 stacked background papers (this may include clustering of elements between the pages)
  • 2 frames or “slots” for photos
  • Adds Title. Must be “My Doppleganger”
  • Flatten as a QP and provide for Racer 2 to finish

2) Racer 2:

§ Adds Photo’s
§ Adds journaling to explain the title
§ Adds elements and/or clusters to finish

Simple, but surprisingly challenging! I cannot wait to see your finished LO's. Please post finished LO's here: NDISB's ADSR6 Gallery 14

Participation prize:

Everyone who completes their challenge by deadline will receive a gift certificate good for one Studio Collaboration Monthly Mega Kit by theStudio Design Team

Big, huge, welcome & smooches,



Q1. i know what a doppleganger is but NO clue how to relate it to this challenge -
A1. You need to find someone or some"thing" (be creative here!) in your life (family, friends, pets, your first car etc...) that either looks just like you, or acts just like you, or maybe eats just like you, or some other kind of similarity to yourself (if your the racer adding the pictures) with journaling to support why this person/thing is your Doppelganger.

So, for example, I would choose my daughter because not only does she look almost exactly like me, but she is a pure copy of my personality & attitude on so many levels! Poor girl! lol

Q2. ok so someone said example: my son and i are both jokesters so we would use that and only one partner uses photos. (this is NOT about the 2 partners correct)
A2. that is correct - only Racer 2, who is adding photos/journaling will be doing the comparing - Racer 1 just has to set up the basic page for them to scrap with It is completely up to you guys who will be Racer 1 and who will be Racer 2 for this challenge.

Q3. how do u win this i thought it was a participation thing until the end?
A3. We are working out the confusion now and we'll have it all sorted out for you guys soon!

Q4. can we add 'additional' elements or just what is in the challenge info?
A4. for Racer 1, she has the option to include elements/clusters with the 3 stacked background papers - Racer 2 can add as many elements/clusters as needed to finish the layout

Q5. also the background papers...how much of the LO do they each need to cover? apprx. of course.
A5. I would assume this is completely up to you. Of course, you want to make sure that at least one of the papers covers the entire layout, so you don't have transparency underneath, there should only be 3 layered/stacked papers on the layout. But how you place them and the size is up to your creative genius!

Q6. Does it have to be MY doppleganger, or can I do my husband and son, or son and grandfather, etc?
A6. I would say absolutely! As long as you have the journaling to support the title "My Doppelganger", then you can get as creative as you want - you can compare your dog with the broom, if you have the right reasoning!

Q7. is there a place here to post your LO's
A7. we now have a gallery for you all to upload your layouts. This is *NOT* a requirement for the challenge, the official ADSR Gallery is the one listed at NDISB. This is a completely optional, uh, option!

ADSR Challenge 14 Layout Gallery

my email

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