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To Say Thank You {Splatters }

To Say Thank You {Splatters }
To Say Thank You {Splatters }
To Say Thank You {Splatters }
To Say Thank You {Splatters }
To Say Thank You {Splatters }

To Say Thank You {Splatters }


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Sometimes life hands you a deck of cards that don't have a good end. At leats not with out help. There are times that you get knocked down and getting up is almost impossible. Life weighs down on you, pushing hard until suddenly you've found yourself flat on your back. Ready to cry. Crushed by the weight of reality.

And then, sometimes, an amazing thing happens. Steps. The steps of friends walking towards you. Hands, so many fingers brushing your tired, worn out self. Lifting you up, brushing you off - getting you to your feet. Smiles and gentle words of encouragement filling your saddened soul. Reminding you, showing you - everything is going to be okay.

And it will. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but everything is going to be okay. This is To Say Thank You, to those who have reached down and helped to keep my head above the raging waters. Thank you. For your shoulders to cry upon. Thank you. For your ears to listen. Thank you. For your strength to hold me up when I flatered. Thank you. For being you, and for being there for me. Thank you.

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Sherah Kraan