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It is time for Round Four of our November Round Robins staring none other than our own Valentina’s Creations!

Val has a gorgeous, soft, beautiful new collection: The Beauty of Crafting.

ROUND ROBIN 4 – THE BEAUTY OF CRAFTING: Making a collab with Booland was a dream since long time. She has a beautiful and enchanted world to express and I was sure that our feelings would meet each other with great pleasure. She’s such a special Lady, very sensitive and kind. We talked a lot and I was impressed by reading her story, that’s why I was so glad to have gotten the chance to look closer, beyond her designer name. We made a vintage and romantic collection, entitled “The beauty of crafting”, in order to give a special tribute to the world who made us meeting, and which make happy a lot of scrappers! We choose a soft pastel vintage palette, to emphatize the sense of delicateness and beauty. We both hope that you will love this collection at least as much as we loved to make it.

with love, by Valentina Pellitteri from Valentina’s Creations.

Please ask questions in the Round Robin FAQs, I will update that post with answers. Please post only your layout links here.

A Round Robin is One Month, One Designer, Four Collabs.

How do you come in, and more importantly, how can you save extra?
Answer: Create a LO!

The LO rules are simple:

What are the discounts:

The best news? These discounts are stackable. That means if you participate in all four Social Media venues, your final discount code will be an additional 40% on the next Round Robin Collab. How much you save is up to you!

I will PM coupons good off the next COLLECTION each week on Wednesdays. The coupons are good for one week only. The final week coupon will be for the featured Round Robin Designers personal use store.

Please post your layout in this thread with links to where each LO is posted (our Round Robin gallery, your pinterest, facebook & google+).

Valentina’s Creations and her partner this week: Booland Designs have created a vision in pastels with The Beauty of Crafting:

The Beauty of Crafting {Kit}

The Beauty of Crafting {Stacked}

The Beauty of Crafting {Vintage Stamps}

The Beauty of Crafting {Journal Cards}

The Beauty of Crafting {Papers}The Beauty of Crafting {Word bits}

The Beauty of Crafting {Bundle}


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Booland Designsin’s bargin bin is active now that are only $1.00 each, there’s something for every season and every picture in there, what a great bunch of kits!!!  Just think of the Christmas gifts you could make with all these!!!   I just had to grab a few to show you today, here’s Christmas on Ice.

What could be cuter to start the festive season off with a smile then these gorgeous little winter creatures all enjoying some holiday fun on the ice. Why it looked so good even Santa and his Reindeer have joined in. Fresh, vibrant and doodly critters skating on ice ponds , singing carols and checking out their gifts from Santa. It’s sure to be a wild party and you’re invited too.

And for fall Booland DesignsHarvester kit show us what we can look forward to with rich hues, earthy scents and delicious fruits and yet, there is a hint of the old summer coming to an end in there with its crisp golden leaves about to fall.

And  for summer…This Bright and colorful Page Kit is part of the Magical Summer Collection and is filled with the most delightful summery sensations. Imagine, if you will, a perfect blue sky, a gentle summer breeze, the feel of glorious grass beneath your feet and the scent of heavenly summer blooms. a meadow, a brook, the sound of birdsong and the fleeting glimps of woodland animals and, perhaps, if you look really hard and let your imagination take flight, you might also see a little summer magic. This collection offers everything you could want to make your summer photos shine like magic.

And there are many more to choose from and all just $1.00 each in her Bargin Bin, but you better hurry it’s only going to be around until the middle of the month!!!

Since it’s getting close to Christmas and the snow is starting to fly I decided to make a freebie from Christmas on Ice for you today, Enjoy!!!


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Boo, Booland Designs, has amazing products in our store.  I’m constantly gobsmacked, as Boo likes to say, by the creative superpower she’s got hidden up her sleeve.  Each of these bundles is only $5.00.  That’s over 86% percent savings off their original prices!  Awesome deals.

If you haven’t tried Boo’s work before, this is the perfect time to try out her style and see for yourself the deliciousness of the elements she packs in every kit.  I freely admit that Boo is my friend, and I’m far from unbiased, but at $5.00 per retirement bundle, it’s not a lot to wager on a happy outcome.


I found a freebie of Boo’s she made me a while back. I love her clusters to begin with, but this one has a beautiful little golden bird that just makes any page you put it on sing (forgive my pun, it’s hot over here it melts my brain).  Just click to download & enjoy.


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