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Hey guys! Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday…on a Wednesday. That’s right, I actually got so mixed up on the day of the week that I thought today was Tues!! It’s ok. Ain’t no thing! I still have a tut for you! Today I am going to show you how to instal a PS Brush.

Brushes are a lot of fun once you learn how to use them. I really like pain or splatter brushes. If you buy a kit that doesn’t have splats included, it’s super easy to make your own. Plus, you can get tons of free brushes online. The brushes a we are going to use today came from Brusheezy.  Just make sure when you download a free brush set, you know and pay attention to the Terms of Use.

First of all open a new document. Select the brush tool “B”. It’s also located to the left in the tools menu. Then open the tabs group. You can do this by clicking on the brush icon to the right. See my arrows?

To bring up the brushes menu, click on the little arrow with the lines, top arrow. Then select load brushes. From here you can navigate to where your brush is. I have a folder called Brushes where I keep all mine.

This is the icon for a brush. They are ABR files.


Once you have your brushes loaded, you can select the one you want to use and stamp it on your page. Here is my brush-

Isn’t that fun? It would make a nice addition behind a cluster. Or, some of you have asked why you would ever want glitter styles. Well here is a reason, you can use a brush and smack a glitter style on top and voila! A nice glitter splat/smear-

A few things about brushes- always “brush” on a new layer. If you don’t create a layer for your brush it will brush on whatever is selected. Then if you decide to delete it or start over it will delete the whole layer. There are a ton of free brushes on the internet. Just google Photoshop Brushes. But please  be mindful of where you download from! Get some brushes and have fun playing around!


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