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Chances are you may not even realize they are there. I remember when I first stumbled upon smart guides. It made me a very happy little lady. Yes indeed! Well, smart guides are just another way to help you line stuff up in PS. You all know how much I like to line stuff up. You turn them on by going to view->show->smart guides

Smart guides are thin pink lines that help you align thing on your LO.  I hope you can see the lines in the following pictures. It is kind of hard to see. In the first set of pictures, I am trying to line my cluster elements with where I want my title and the circle-

More cluster alignment {I kind of am picky aren’t I?}

And my favorite way to use smart guides- when making titles with alphas! I love it. Smart guides make it so much easier to either get a perfectly straight title, or a balanced look to a fun title. Can you see my light pink smart guides?

Anyway, turn on your smart guides and give them a test drive. You may find that you really like them. I used So Thankful, my latest collection to demonstrate smart guides! You can find that collection HERE on sale at the Studio. AND I even made my cluster into a freebie for you. Check it out HERE

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