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Have you all seen those fun packs of pre made clusters? Have you ever wondered how to use them? I am going to show you just how easy it is to use and customize pre made clusters. They can really make your scrapping fly. For this tut I am going to use a cluster from my Lil’ Dude cluster pack. 

First- Open up the cluster you would like to use and put it on a new blank page. You can see I already have my picture open too.

Next, drag the picture you want to use on your new page and UNDER the cluster. You might recognize this picture from last weeks tut on Levels!  As you can see, we have some picture hanging out under the cluster. Simply grab your eraser,  “e” and erase the photo. You can put a stroke around the picture to make sure you didn’t miss any spots.You can find the stroke by clicking the FX box at the bottom of your Layer box then click stroke. Once you are sure there are no strays, turn the stoke off.

Now, add your background paper. I liked the way my LO Looked with one picture, but I had another one that I really wanted to use as well. Don’t think that just because your pre-made cluster only has room for one picture that that is what you have to stick with. I just plopped my second photo right on top and added a stroke to make it pop a little.

See? Wasn’t that easy? And I have a fun unique LO that took me all of about 15 mins to make! Have fun with your pre made clusters. Besides adding pictures, you can flip them, or even use more then one on a page!  Have a great day!

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