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From now until Halloween, we are holding an awesome contest, Pin It to Win It! and there will be TONS of winners! Simply head to our store, Pin the products on your wish list to your Pinterest account and then wait. On Halloween, we’ll be looking through all the pins and be awarding some TREATS (RAKS) to random pins! Be sure to post a link to your board, so we know you want to win, in the forum! Want to see some of the amazing products others have been pinning? Check them all out here.

Alright, but what if you don’t know how to use Pinterest? You need an account – and it’s a good idea to have a board for your favorite Studio products. So, follow along and I’ll teach you the basics.

How to Create a New Board on Pinterest

Step 1: Log in to your Pinterest account, and click on the Add+ button at the top right of the screen

Step 2: Select Create a Board

Step 3: Enter the information about your board. Choose a name (Digital Scrapbooking, a designer name, theStudio Products, Digital Scrapbook Layouts – whatever you want). Select a category, DIY/Crafts is a good fit – then click the red Create Board button.


 That’s it! Now you just need to add pins to your board. Wanna know how to do that with products from theStudio? Here you go:

How to Pin a product from theStudio Store to your Pinterest Board

Step 1: Find the product in the store, you will need to be on the product page. At the top, above the product name is a Pin It Button. Click on that.


Step 2:  A screen will come up, over the product with all of the images on that page. You will want to click on the preview for the product you are pinning.

Step 3: A new window, small, will pop up. If you are not logged in to Pinterest, it will ask you to log in. If you are, it will default to the last board you pinned something to. Make sure you pick the board you want to pin to (I pin all of my own products to a board called “Nibbles Skribbles” as you will see in the images).


Step 4: Edit the description. It will default to the product name – you will want to add some of the following information. Note: The more detailed you are, the easier it is for others to find it when they are looking for awesome things on Pinterest. Here are some tips:

Designer name, price (including a $ – and it shows up right across the image), Digital Scrapbooking Studio, theStudio. You can put a hashtag (#) in front of any key search terms or repeat things like the designer name with a # in front.

Then click Pin It, and you are done. Repeat for additional products. The pin itself will automatically link to the page it came from in the store!

Alright, now go! Get Pinning!


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Ding! Ding! Ding!  We have a winner of the apple contest with Min, Carin Grobe Design!!!  The person who guessed closest to the correct amount of apples is…………………………………………………….


Rose guessed 816 apples!!  Min used 802 apples to create this masterpiece!  Congratulations Rose!  I’ll be sending you your coupon to grab the awesomely fun, Apple Orchard!!  To all the rest, THANK YOU for playing!  Right now Apple Orchard is the Deal of the Day through Sunday, Sept 23!!  You can grab this adorable kit for 70% off!  That’s only $1.50, how can you pass that up?!?!!

I couldn’t resist grabbing this kit and playing!  It’s so stinkin’ adorable!!  So here is a cute WordArt freebie made with Apple Orchard!  Enjoy & Happy Sunday!  :)


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Final Birthday Giveaway…

by Steph on 22 September 2012
in Contests Pin this scrappy stuff!

Today, I’m a little sad, I have to admit. I’ve been having a blast doing all these giveways! Today is the last birthday celebration give away…But, that’s not to say that we wont do some more in the future! They are a lot of fun!

Today’s final give away is a Wacom CTL470 Bamboo Connect Pen Tablet – Factory Refurbished with a warranty. I have a factory refurbished tablet myself, and I love it! It works wonderfully! You will love this tablet people! So much fun to play with and add your own handwriting to stuff!

Want to win it? Just comment on the blog to win. One comment per person please. Winner will be announced Monday morning. Please note- Unfortunately because this tablet will be shipped from the manufacturer {as in I am not buying it and then shipping it myself} this last contest is open US residents only. Sorry.

The winner has been announced: And the Winner is…

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Can you read this?

by SnickerdoodleDesigns 12 September 2012
Thumbnail image for Can you read this?

How many of you have 20/20 vision? I don’t.  I did. Once-upon-a-time, but it’s been a while. I really notice the change in my vision when I am browsing through the gallery.  Often times posters will include their journal comments in the layout description, and I love that.  I enjoy reading the story behind the […]

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Backwards Progressive Sale! Save 50% TODAY! Fall 10 for $10 Bundle!!

by Kimberkatt 25 September 2010

Hi all! Our Birthday Bash is coming to a close .  I can’t say I’m not a little relieved… it’s been a whirlwind month with so much excitement.  But mostly, I’m just dying to know who wins our Next Designer Contest.  We’ve got 10 uber-talented Designers competing for the three Designer spots at theStudio (and […]

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Voting for Round 4 has begun!!!

by Kimberkatt 23 September 2010

Hi all!  Voting for Round 4 of our Next Designer Contest has begun!!  This round the designers were told NO CU ALLOWED!!!  This is the FINAL round for PUBLIC VOTING!!  Head to the Gallery Here, download some absolutely GORGEOUS freebies, then go vote, vote, vote!!  You can vote for as many as you would like, […]

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Voting for Round 3 has begun!!!

by Kimberkatt 17 September 2010

Hi all!  Voting for Round 3 of our Next Designer Contest has begun!!  This round the designers were asked to pick a charity & make a preview using the supplied kit!  If you thought the last two rounds were hard to vote on, this one is almost impossible!!!  Which is why there are no limits […]

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And the VOTE is on!!!!

by Kimberkatt 4 September 2010

Oh, you all are in for some fantastic treats!!!  Round 1 of theStudio’s NEXT DESIGNER CONTEST has closed and we have a whole slew of gorgeous FREE mini’s gracing our gallery just waiting to be downloaded!!!!  Now it’s up to all of you, theStudio Members, to get to voting!!!  The Poll is OPEN for business […]

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HURRY! 5 days left! NEXT DESIGNER CONTEST! + CT Contest!

by Kimberkatt 26 August 2010

There’s only 5 days left to sign up for theStudio’s ever-popular NEXT DESIGNER CONTEST!! We have 80+ contestants raring to go, why not come join them? Top 3 win a coveted Design Contract & a Wacom Bamboo, each!! Top 10 win a 5 Action Pack, of their choice, from our Sponsor, Atomic Cupcake!! And, for […]

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Christmas Week Events = Freebies, Goodies & Prizes GALORE!‏

by Toiny Westberry 22 December 2009

Are you ready!?!?!? It is time for our Christmas Week Events… starting now! Sign-up, join-in, have fun & win some prizes. Everyone & anyone is welcome. We can’t wait to have you. B-I-N-G-O with Carmen from LightningBug Creations (Participation Prizes for all!) Progessive Scrap with yours truly from Piggy Scraps Design During the scrap pieces […]

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