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Howdy Folks! Did you miss me? I took a 2 week bloggy vacation. It was a nice break, but today I am glad to be back and start the new year off with a load of great tutorials! Today I want to give you a little re-coloring tip. Today’s  tutorial is for PSCS. I work in CS4.

I want to talk to you about re-coloring a colored and white image. Usually when you apply your color over lay, the white parts get tinted in what ever color you are changing it to. Take this ribbon for example. I added a blue color overlay, and now the white checks are a very light shade of blue.

Now, this doesn’t look terrible, but we can fix it and make the white checks whiter. We are going to use curves. To access curves hit control/command M or go to Image->Adjustment->Curves. A menu box will pop up. Along the bottom of the box is 3 eye droppers. The first one is for black, then grey, and the last one is for white. Choose the white eyedropper. Next click on a “white” part of the ribbon. This should bring out the white while leaving the color alone. Sometimes you may have to point click a few different white spots to get the desired effect.

As you may have guessed, you can do the same thing with blacks or greys. I find that it works the best with White. There is a lot you can do with curves. See our ribbon below? Doesn’t that look better? Curves are fun. Give them a try! Hope you like the Designer addition of Tutorial Tuesday. If you want more Designer Additions, drop me a line in the comments section, I’ll be happy to add more of them!

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