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No, this isn’t an advertisement for whitening strips. This is even easier {and better tasting I’m sure}! There is a super easy way to whiten teeth in PS and Elements. No expensive and foul tasting product needed!

First open up your photo-

This is a picture of my friend and me. She is the gal  the  with lovely white teeth. I am the one with the yellow looking teeth. Bad picture..I’m going to blame it on the lighting! Next open up your dodge tool. It’s short key “O“. Make sure it’s the tool that has the circle with the stick..The one that looks like fingers is the burn tool. This will darken your teeth!  You can also get to it from your tool panel. See the red arrow?

Next, make sure you have a soft, small brush selected. You can adjust the size of the brush at the top of your screen. I like to have my exposure set relatively low, around 20%. Then zoom in and carefully “brush” over your teeth. Make sure you don’t go overboard, because trust me, extra bright white teeth do not look natural.

Ah. That’s better! Have fun whitening your teeth the easy way!

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