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After the last tutorial on an intro to filters, a few of you were interested to learn a little bit more about them. So we are continuing fun with filters! Today I am going to show you how to make your own chevron stripes or ric rac with the wave filter.

First make a slender rectangle strip across your canvas. I used the shape tool to make mine.

In the menu bar go to Filter->Distort->Wave

A little menu box will pop up. This is where you will set how big and how frequent you want your waves to be. These are the settings I used. However, you can change these up and get lots of different results. It’s really fun!

Sometimes, the end product will have funky edges. I simply use the marquee box to erase them and make the edges straight. Look, we made a chevron stripe! Easy right? But, if you wanted to, you could take it one step further and make this look a little like ric rac.

I changed the color so we could see it easier. We are going to dive back into filters->texture-> texturizer. 

Again, these are the settings I used, but there are so many possibilities!

Here I added just a little inner shadow for depth. A nice little piece of ric rac!

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In PSCS there is a fun “little” menu called filters. Have you ever ventured over there and played around with some of them? There is a LOT you can do in filters. The best way is to just take some time and play around with them. You can get to your filter menu in PSCS by clicking on the Filter button in the main menu. It will bring up a drop box with tons of options.

Today I want to show you one of my favorite filters, Distort. Specifically Twirl. You can do lots of fun stuff with the other distortion options, but today we are going to stick with Twirl.

To use the twirl filter, use your shape tool to draw a rectangle. You can make any shape you want, but I started with a rectangle. Then go to your filter menu and choose the twirl option.  A smaller box will pop up with a preview and a slider bar. You can slide your point left or right, creating the twirl you want.

Here is what I ended up with. A fun swirly that could make a fun element or shape with a paper clipped to it. This is an example of a dramatic twirl. You could also do less of a twirl and make waves. Those are really fun additions to LO’s. Also, if you change your beginning shape, you will get many different results. It’s fun!!

Hope this little into to filters was useful. What other filters would you like to know about?

Please note: I work primarily in PSCS. I do know that there is some filter options in PSE, but I am not completely savvy with that program.

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