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Hi all,

Today I have a Christmas craft project for you that’s quick and easy, fun to do with the kids and will add another smile to your Christmas breakfast table: A Santa Napkin Holder (doable without a cutting machine, as well ;D)

Supplies needed: red (paper) napkins (mine are about 13 in square when opened), cardstock in red, white and skin-colored, glue, a black marker, scissors or a cutting machine like the Silhouette Cameo – and the Santa napkin holder cutting file freebie (click image to download).

If you want to do this without a cutting machine, open up the png files in your image editing software. There are three of these included, one for each paper color. Move, copy and paste the files until you have placed them as you want to. Then print the outlines on your cardstock and cut them using craft scissors. Then continue with the assembly as written below. :D

If you’re using a Cameo, start the Silhouette Studio software and open the file CGD_santanapkincf.dxf.

Start by selecting the rectangle with the dashed lines and group them (object>group or CTRL+G).

Move everything but this group off the cutting board area. Copy the rectangle group as often as you want to cut it and place it according to your paper.  (I used the “column of four” option in the Replicate window to get a minimum waste cut). These pieces should be cut from the red cardstock – adjust your paper and knife settings as needed and send to your Cameo.



Next pick the hat rim, beard, moustache and eyebrows – arrange them to your liking and copy/paste (or use the replicate window again). These will be cut from white cardstock.

Repeat the process for nose and face and cut them from a skin-colored cardstock.

That’s it, now we are ready for assembly.

Start by gluing the face in the middle of the red rectangle. The top of the ellipse should touch the top of the rectangle.


Next add the beard, the hat fur, the moustache and the nose in that order. Use a black marker to add in eyes, and then attach the eyebrows.

Now take your napkin and place it with the open corner pointing to you. Fold both sides to the middle and the bottom corner up. Make sure to crease the folds hard.

Turn the napkin around and slip on your Santa face. Then place it upright, letting the sides and bottom unfold a little so it will stand up.

I bet Santa would love to have one of these next to his milk and cookies, as well, lol!


Have a very merry Christmas, a blessed Holiday Season and a wonderful year 2014!


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Do you love pinking shears? I do…. but somehow I almost never manage to have a “straight cut” card after trying to give it a decorative border… sometimes it looks more like one of our guinea pigs nibbled at the card, lol.

Fortunately the Cameo is coming to my rescue with that!

If you own the designer edition of the Silhouette Studio software you can just use the knife tool to cut all the fancy edges – but here I want to show you how to do it with the (free) standard version.

First open a new document and adjust the size of the paper according to what you want to cut. For this project I want to cut a set of index sized cards from colored paper to use them as lunchbox notes.

Next pick the ellipse tool and draw a circle (hold shift while drawing to make sure it’s a circle and not an ellipse). Mine has a diameter of 0.25 in.


Now open the “Replicate” window and copy the circle to the right and down until you have a frame of circles the size of the card you want to cut.

Here’s what mine looks like, I wanted it to be 2 x 3 in in size:

Pick the rectangle tool and draw a rectangle that is not bigger than the outside lines of the circles:


All that’s left to do now, is merging the rectangle with the circles – do that using the weld option in the “Modify” window (make sure you have everything that you want to weld selected):




Here’s the result: a beautifully scalloped notecard :D


If you use a square instead of a circle you can create another look – turn the square by 45° using the “Rotate” window:

Repeat the same steps for duplicating and welding … and if you did not meet the desired size exactly (as I did here), just use the “Scale” window to enter the exact measurements you wish to have:

Now fill your paper with all the cards you want to cut and let the Cameo do the work :D

It is a lot of fun to play with different shapes – here’s a look at a more intricate pattern. I achieved this by first welding three circles and then arranging and welding this shape as before:

Add more circles or flowers to make your pattern more intricate, if you like to:


I also do have a freebie for you again today :) … for a faster way to get some fancy edges cut, I created some cut lines, inspired by the patterns of craft scissors, here’s one of them for you to play (click image to download):

***Download No Longer Available***

If you want more – you can find these in my store at the Studio (and they’re on sale for 1 $ each right now ;D )


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Do you love to add washi tape to your layouts and hybrid projects? If you’re like me you’ve probably ached about your selection and wished you could make this tape just a shade lighter or recolor that pattern to match your project better? Plus buying a roll of it if you only need a little piece for your project … my budget doesn’t like that, lol.

Forget about those worries – the Cameo Silhouette is perfect to create exactly the tape you need. :D

I created a small washi tape freebie for you to follow along (if you want more you’re welcome to look at the full pack now on sale in my store ;D ),you can download the freebie here.

Open the included .dxf file with Silhouette Studio


If you have the perfect paper in your stash, simply move the tape shape to where you want it cut and let the Cameo cut it for you. Then apply glue to the backside – I love to use a glue that will dry “sticky” so I can use the paper tape almost like the “real thing”.

If you want to create your own custom tape you have to get the color or design on the tape first. One possibility is to print your pattern to paper or to sticker paper and cut then. An awesome effect can be achieved by printing on printable clear sticker paper – while it’s not strictly looking “washi”, it is very pretty!

Or you could have fun with the Silhouette sketch pens in your cameo – this I will show you in a little more detail with a very simple design:

Again we start with the plain washi tape – I moved it into the upper left corner because that is where I usually want the Cameo to cut.

Now choose your type tool and change the options in the text style window according to mine (font is wingdings3 and text size is 72pt), click somewhere in your workspace and type: gggg

If you try to move your arrows by clicking on the little circle you will see that the letters (or in that case arrows) will try to align with the path of your tape. That’s a great feature to keep in mind for other projects but not at all what we want now, lol


So change back to your move tool to move the arrows or use the align window.

Next open the cut style window, select your tape and click on “no cut” – the tape lines will gray out and the arrows will stay red. This step is saving you the trouble of moving things off the cutting board and re-aligning them later. Not that important in our little project today, but a major time (and material saver) in more complicated projects.

Open the cut window, select the sketch pen (and don’t worry about the other settings). Exchange the blade for a sketch pen of your choice. Load your medium into the Cameo and press “cut” and wait until the sketching is done. DO NOT UNLOAD AT THIS POINT! (Sorry for shouting, but this is important to make sure your project will be perfectly aligned, lol)

Now go back to the cut settings, assign the arrows as “no cut” and the tape as “cut edge”:

Back to the cut window and this time pick the blade and the printable sticker paper (or whatever other paper you’re using). Take the sketch pen out of the Cameo and re-enter the blade (without removing the cutting mat). Press cut.

Voilà, your custom washi tape is ready for using. :D

I case you wonder why I didn’t use the print-and-cut for this, here are some more thoughts about the use of the sketch pens. I like that they give a different texture than a printer. I love the added color options the sketch pens give me, think white, gold, silver – these are colors your printer cannot print. I love having outlines done with the sketch pen and being able to color them in with markers without the problem of running ink. I prefer using a sketch pen (if it’s possible) for a smaller project, because I don’t end up having the print-and-cut-markings on my paper.

I just put some basic cutting file sets into my store, they are 33 % off until June 9th – including the full washi tape set:


I would love to hear what other themes you would like to see a tutorial for: rhinestones, fabric projects, fusible appliqué, … Let me know either here in the comment section or via pm in the forum :D

Thank you and have a wonderful day! :D

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