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Well hello again! Is your brain fried from trying to come up with some journaling? I sure hope not, because I am back with challenge number 2! First though, I wanted to give you a peek into my Smash book. It’s pink. My favorite.

I put a little bit of everything in my book. Pictures, Drawings, old stinky wristbands.

Random thoughts, Funny Things my Kids Say my current favorite music- it tends to change frequently!

Love Letters. Deep Thoughts. Creative Ideas.

One of my favorite things about my book is that I can just stuff things I know I’ll want to Smash in this handy little back pocket and come back to it later. I do not do this everyday. It comes in waves.

Well, I know you all want to try and win one, right? SO here is your second journal challenge- remember we are sticking to a back to school theme-

Challenge #2

Who was your favorite teacher? Why? What did they do that made such an impression on you?

Be sure to post your entry here: The Blog Smash Book Challenge

Remember, you can focus your journaling on anyone, be it yourself, child, grandchild, whomever! You have a week to finish all four challenges {Aug 22nd} and upload them to the challenge gallery HERE. Excited to see what you come up with! See you in a day or two.

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My Advice to You

by Steph on 19 June 2012
in Tutorials Pin this scrappy stuff!

I have a lot of friends that I have convinced to start scrapbooking their memories digitally. They always ask me, “What’s the best advice you can give a newbie like me?” Well, I have been doing this digital thing for over four years now, and the best advice I can give is journal, journal, journal. I know, I know…not what you wanted to hear, right? But I can honestly say that looking back four years ago, not journaling and dating every page is my biggest regret. Sure, I have some pages with questionable composition, and some really scary shadows, but those things don’t bug me. What I hate, is looking at a picture with smiling, laughing faces, and not knowing what was so funny at the time.. Maybe you have a much better memory then I, but I wish so many times that I would have written it all down. I can’t tell you how many times my little boy has wanted to “read” a scrapbook for his bedtime story. He loves looking at old pictures, and his favorite thing is to hear the stories that accompany the LOs. I’ll admit, not every photo has a long story, but if there is something you think you will remember..You wont. Write it down!

Take the LO below- the journaling is about this old ice cream machine that my husband HAD to have. An old crank one. Something about how it tastes better then the electric ones. Anyway, I think it’s a great story, fun to write down and something my kids and grandkids will hopefully enjoy reading-especially when my hubby is still making ice cream from that ancient machine 40 years from now!

{Kit is Icee Sweet coming out 6/20 by your truly…AKA ScrappyCocoa…AKA me}

I hope this has inspired you to try your hand at journaling. Even if it’s only a line or two! Tell your story! And because I love ya, and it’s been a while, I turned my LO into a QP Freebie! Enjoy! DL HERE

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Smash Books

by Nibbles Skribbles on 30 January 2012
in Hybrid Pin this scrappy stuff!

Have you heard of Smash Books? (also known as Smash Books or Smash Journaling)? I recently was exposed to a new product by Paper Crafting Company EK Success (K & Company) called Smash Folio’s. These things are really cool! They are 40 page wire bound, hard covered, finished bound journaling books ready for you to get your SMASH on in! The concept is that you can kind of have a junk drawer in your journal. Stick anything inside from a fun quote to the birthday card from Uncle Mark to a photo to a ‘doodle of a poodle.’ If you want to see them in action, check out this video that K & Company put together.

The Smash Folios, if you choose to go that route come with a Smash Stick – which is a pen and glue stick in one and it is secured to your folio with an elastic loop. (See photo below) The product line also comes with a lot of extra stuff you can purchase from journaling tags to sticky flags to clips to decorative tape and more and I personally feel like all of the products are very reasonably priced. (The folios themselves run about $15 USD and the extras range from $1.99-$5.99USD). The joy of this style of journaling is that you can use ANYTHING to make your album yours. So far I’ve stuck in some photos, a few quotes I printed from Pinterest and I am planning to stick in the receipt from Target this weekend highlighting my $36 in coupon savings…

The only additional supply I’ve found I’ve needed, and it’s just to make things easier on me, is my Xyron Create a Sticker machine. These little guys are available at any craft store that sells scrapbooking stuff, even Target. The small 1″ sticker maker runs about $7 and the larger one that does about 2.5″ stickers is usually around $15. Simply stick your item in one end, pull or crank and pull it out, as a sticker, on the other.

I was discussing my new found love of SMASHING in the forum, when Angel shared that this is how she has always journaled, and she uses Artist Notebooks for hers. I went out to see how much one of these would run and picked up an 11×14″ wire bound artist sketch pad for about $20 (full price). I had a coupon, so I paid less.

My plan is to use my Smash Folio to capture ME in 2012. Most of my scrapping focuses on my kids or family activities, but I am terrible about scrapping myself – so collecting bits and pieces of me will be a fun way to see who I was this year. Tickets from events, brochures from things I do, pictures (especially phone pictures, I take a lot of those of my daily life), inspiring things from magazines or printed from Pinterest – the possibilities are endless!

Since we’re all dig scrappers, let’s talk about how we can use our digi-supplies to add to our journals! Make ‘em hybrid! I used some digi-alphas to put my name on the front cover of mine, and have some ideas to use journaling elements and other cute elements along with word bits to add to my pages. I might even print some of my layouts in small versions (3 or 4 inches) to stick in….or perhaps the preview of a kit I designed and love!

I’m just getting started, but expect another post from me in a few months sharing my progress and perhaps some new tips and tricks! I’d love to hear your comments, thoughts, tips and tricks for Smashing together an album, and be sure to join my discussion in the forum if you’re going to get in on the SMASHING fun as well!

Nibbles Skribbles

Nibbles Skribbles Products available at: theStudio PU and theStudio CU

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