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Ever take a great photo only to be disappointed that the lighting isn’t right? As in, you’ve got a dark photo? Today I am going to show you how to fix a dark photo. It’s pretty simple! Here is the photo I want to lighten up- My daughter and husband’s faces are a little too dark.

First we are going to play with the exposure. Go to  Image->Adjustments->Exposure. A little box will pop up. Play with the sliders until you get a look you like.

Next we are going to play with the Brightness/Contrast. Go to Image->Adjustment->Brightness/Contrast. Once again a little box will pop up. Play with the sliders until you get a look you like.

Now, you might be satisfied with the look of your photo right about now. Half of the time I am. But if you think it still needs a little something something, then play with the curves too. Go to Image->Adjustments->Curves. A grid with a line will pop up. Move the line around a little bit. Usually it is just a very small move that makes the difference.

And now we have a lightened photo! Not too hard, right? Give it a try, you will probably discover that it’s kinda fun to play with exposure and curves and all that stuff!

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I love the look of vintage photographs. But sometimes I feel like they are “too” vintage…Especially around the face. I like my photos to have a nice clear face. So I am going to show you have to make your own “vintage” photos, without adding noise to the face.

Here is the picture I am going to use. I already made it B&W. Check out my black and white lesson if you missed it -HERE-

You can leave your photo colored if you want, I just wanted this particular picture B&W.

Next we are going to open up a texture and blend it with our photo. Place the texture on top of your picture and group it together with your picture – “Control/Command G”. Then head over to the layer pallet to the right- see the red arrow? Here is where you pick your blending style. I usually do soft light or overlay. But play around. You might like something else better. For this picture, I chose soft light.

Now we are going to erase the texture from the face. Choose a soft edged brush. Set your opacity to about 100% and erase around the face. I wanted a little bit of texture on his clothes, so I set the opacity lower and erased his little suit. If you want more texture on your photo simply duplicate your texture  “Control/Command J”. You wont have to erase again.

And here is our finished photo! I also added a quick edge burn. I love this look. Super easy and so many things to do with all the different types of textures out there!

PS- I love writing these tuts for you all. I love the positive feed back I have been getting. Is there something you would like to see me cover? Leave me a comment and I’ll do my darndest to make it happen!

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That’s how easy it is to have fantastic , bright, sharp photos. We have already discussed how to play with levels, so if you missed that lesson, check it out HERE.

First you are going to open your picture. Adjust your levels to brighten your colors. Now we are going to make that photo a little sharper. Please note, you won’t want to sharpen ALL your photos. Sometimes it’s nice to have a softer look- think newborn pictures- but sometimes, it really adds the something special.

Next- duplicate your photo “Command/Control J” or go to the layers pallet  and right click on the layer then select duplicate. Once you have your duplicate layer go to Filter->Other->High Pass   

That will bring up a box like the one below. I usually set my radius between 4-10 pixels. Don’t go too high or your picture might get grainy. Play around and see what you like best. Once you have done that, the photo will still be grey. Now we are going to head over to our layers pallet and the blending options. I usually do overlay or soft light. Sometimes I do one overlay and one soft light. Play around with the blending options till you find something you like. Then flatten and save!

Here is my Before and After. A subtle but noticeable difference! Have fun experimenting in PS and PSE!

Bonus Tip- if you are a designer, you can also use the high pass to sharpen elements that might need a little cleaning up!

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Cloning: Not just for Scientists

by Steph 10 April 2012
Thumbnail image for Cloning: Not just for Scientists

I like to play photographer at home sometimes. There is just one problem..I’m NOT a photographer! Good thing I am a PS’er though!  I wanted to snap a few pics of my kids in their Easter clothes. It was too wet outside, so my living room became a “studio” This is the only decent picture […]

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Beyond Black and White

by Steph 3 April 2012
Thumbnail image for Beyond Black and White

Learning how to turn your pictures into Black and White is one if the first things many beginner scrappers learn how to do. You probably do it simply by desaturating your photo. But did you know this actually turns your picture into shades of grey and NOT B&W? Well I’m here to show you an […]

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Easy Photo Edit in PS

by Steph 12 March 2012
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I love Photoshop and all of it’s neat-o photo editing capabilities. But, if I’m being honest, the actual photo editing it not my favorite thing. However, there is one thing that I do to all my photos. And that is play with the levels. It’s so easy to instantly make your photo POP with levels. So […]

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