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I finally have a second video tutorial up. I still sound nervous.  I’m pretty sure more practice would help.  Today I cover how to use a template to create a customized digital scrapbooking layout.  I used the following supplies:

  1. Photoshop CS5
  2. Project 365: June {Page Templates} by Digilicious Designs
  3. Obsidian Dawn’s Animal Prints Photoshop Pattern (the giraffe one)
  4. TheStudio April Mega: Smile Freebie Paper Pack (free download below)

The video begins with the pure, unaltered template from Digilicious Designs and finishes with the completed layout:

Hint: Click on the bottom right button on the video below to watch full screen (to the right of the youtube icon). While the embedded video works, it is very hard to see the tiny commands within photoshop.


Quick Recaps:

  • Ctrl+click = select multiple files to open
  • Click+hold+drag releases a background file to the foreground
  • Clicking the double arrow to list open files
  • Shift+click+drag centers a new layer into your active window
  • In the layers palette, right-click lets you choose “Create Clipping Mask”
  • Using the Character palette to adjust spacing between sentences

The papers I used are part of a freebie pack that coordinates with theStudio April 2012 Mega – Smile.  Just click to download & enjoy:


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*Sorry Link Expired*

Hi all!  Welcome to the last stop of the Celebrate Good Times Blog Hop in honor of my 3-year Anniverary as owner at theStudio.  I won’t bore you with the babble (I do enough of that in our newsletter), please enjoy your free mini.

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One of the most common questions all of us get asked; “should I add dropshadows?”… to elements, papers, photos.  My answer 99% of the time is YES.

It is all a matter of personal opinion, so take my point of view with a big grain of salt, but I feel shadows add that “pop” to your layouts.  Shadows transform a flat layout to a more dimensional layout that draws the eye and makes it linger.  Shadows are an art form, and as with all art that are many different tastes.  Some prefer bold, dark shadows, others have a light touch that is barely noticeable.  I’m somewhere in between.

I like a shadow to be seen, to be noticeable, but not so dark that the shadow is what you see.  It can be a fine line to draw.  I usually set my shadows on “linear burn” vs. the more popular “multiply”.  I think linear burn gives a little more realistic variation to the end result.

Take a quick look at the same layout down with, and without, shadows:

Without Shadows:

With Shadows:

Kit: Dragonheart by Deli Scraps by Min

The settings I used, for most of the layout, are:

Blend Mode: Linear Burn
Opacity: 48%
Angle: -169
Distance: 13px
Spread: 0%
Size: 32px

I left both contour & noise at the default settings.

I’m also impatient.  I don’t have much time to scrap, and while I love the look of shadows on layouts, I don’t like to spend hours getting them just right.  I usually use a the same set of shadows for all my layouts in a book.  I make a style set and save those so that I have 1-click shadowing.  For this particular layout I used my commercial use style set: PS Shadow Styles 01.  I mostly used the “medium frame dropshadow”, with a little variation.  Another benefit to using a style set (your own, or a purchased set) is that you can guarantee that the light direction is coming from one source.  There is nothing as distracting in a layout as shadows visually jumping discordantly.

You can download a free sample style along with a copy of my layout (minus “Dane”) as a free quickpage HERE.  Just click to download & enjoy.

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For Tish, With Love

by Toiny Westberry 28 November 2010

I don’t usually advertise for another store, but sometimes doing something out of love is much more important!  Recently the digital scrapbooking community got together to create a huge, stunning, amazing, did I mention huge, Scrapbooking Collaboration for one of our own.  Tish, “Pixiemama Designs”, lost her home, all her belongings and the beloved family […]

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Happy Birthday Toiny!!! And NSDC Round 2 FREEBIES!!

by Toiny Westberry 15 September 2009

Wooooooooooooohoooooooooooooo! It’s my birthday. I’m 42 and so not hiding it. I don’t think I could if I wanted to, Dear Daughter has been rolling around all morning tell everyone & everybody: “It’s Mommy’s birthday, she’s 42!” As far as I can tell no one here in Germany speaks much English…Until today. Today everyone speaks […]

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~NEW~ Free With Purchase!

by Toiny Westberry 27 May 2009

We have a brand new FWP (Free With Purchase) in the store this week! On The Farm is a beautifully rustic collab from SKrapper Digitals and Piggy Scraps Design. A fun mix of real farm textures, barbwire and an old tractor combined with the whimsy of googly-eyed farm animals. All done in true farm colors […]

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