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Today is the last challenge in the Smash! Journal Challenge Series! And guess what? If you have made it this far your deserve a bit of a break, so this challenge is a little bit easier-

Challenge #4

What is your fondest memory of school?

This is one broad topic! Run with it! You have until tonight to finish and upload all LO’s to the Gallery! Good luck! One more look at what you could win-


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Well hello again! Is your brain fried from trying to come up with some journaling? I sure hope not, because I am back with challenge number 2! First though, I wanted to give you a peek into my Smash book. It’s pink. My favorite.

I put a little bit of everything in my book. Pictures, Drawings, old stinky wristbands.

Random thoughts, Funny Things my Kids Say my current favorite music- it tends to change frequently!

Love Letters. Deep Thoughts. Creative Ideas.

One of my favorite things about my book is that I can just stuff things I know I’ll want to Smash in this handy little back pocket and come back to it later. I do not do this everyday. It comes in waves.

Well, I know you all want to try and win one, right? SO here is your second journal challenge- remember we are sticking to a back to school theme-

Challenge #2

Who was your favorite teacher? Why? What did they do that made such an impression on you?

Be sure to post your entry here: The Blog Smash Book Challenge

Remember, you can focus your journaling on anyone, be it yourself, child, grandchild, whomever! You have a week to finish all four challenges {Aug 22nd} and upload them to the challenge gallery HERE. Excited to see what you come up with! See you in a day or two.

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Welcome to the Smash Journal Challenge, sponsored by the Studio, hosted by me, AKA ScrappyCocoa, AKA Steph. Our Back to School bash is going on right now over in the forum, so make sure you check it out! Lots of fun stuff happening! And don’t forget about the sales! Oh the SALES!! Lots of great things to scrap your precious Back To School memories. But, the reason we are here, is for my blog challenge. I am over the moon excited about this! I got to go shopping for the lucky winner! Awesome, right? Well, I am sure you can all guess…this is a journaling challenge. Wait! Don’t run away! It’s going to be fun! Here is what you are all playing for- A Smash book and supplies! I bought this Smash Book and all supplies at Michaels. What is a Smash book? Well, it’s kind of like a journal, but with cute little additions. You can do as much or a little as you would like with a Smash book. Today, I want to show you a few peeks into my friend Manda {NibblesSkribbles} Smash book-

You can put receipts, wristbands, tickets, pictures in your Smash book.

Make cute little lists. About Whatever, about YOU!

Adorable pictures of people we love. Little moments we cherish. Funny things our kids said we want to remember. Anything, really.

I have a Smash book too. I tell you what. A journal? Can’t do it. A Smash book? Oh yes! I can keep that up. I love my Smash book. I enjoy looking through it and reading little anecdotes that I forgot happened. So…don’t you want one? Look- this is what you will all be playing for- One Brand Spankin’ New Smash Book and 7 fun little additions! How fun huh.

How the challenge works: Every other day I will post a new journal challenge. All you have to do is finish your LO and upload it to the challenge gallery. At the end of the challenge, everyone who completed and uploaded every LO will be entered to win this fun stuff! Easy right? There is that one catch tho- dang that catch! This is a JOURNALING challenge after all, so your journaling must consist of at least a paragraph. Not only one sentence. Tell your story.

Ready to begin? Lets go!

Challenge #1-

Since this is the back to school bash, I thought we would center around school type journaling. Now, you can journal about whomever you choose. Whether is be yourself, child or grandchild. So todays prompt is this-

“Do you remember your first day of school? What happened, what were you feeling?”

Don’t forget to post in the Blog Smash Book Challenge Gallery!

Ok! Good luck! I’ll see you all back on Aug 17 for challenge #2. Plus I am going to give you a peek into my Smash book!

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