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Hello folks! It’s Tuesday again and that means another tutorial! Today I am going to show you how to make a template. Now, as with so many things pertaining to PS, there is more then one way to make a template. This is just how I prefer to do it. Now, I scrap with templates about 98% of the time. Wether with my own or another designers, I use templates. So, lets get started!

I always have some sort of idea of what I want my page to look like. Always a background. That’s what I start with. Open a new 12×12 document and fill in the back ground. That is our first layer.

Next, I like to add my basic shapes and paper blocks. Each shape gets it’s own layer. I make the shapes by accessing the shapes in the menu bar hot key “U”.  Add all the circle and paper blocks that you want. Arrange till you get it just right. Here is what my template looks like so far-

Now, at this point, I like to actually start scrapping my page. I find that it is easier to start scrapping then to try and just plop some flowers on there and make it look good. So I open a new document and drag the template and scrap away.

Here is what I have now- The template is going to be easy to finish from here. I can see exactly where I need to put what.

Ok , back to the empty template. I add flowers and elements by accessing the shape tool again {U}. If you click on that blob looking thing {first arrow} you can access all the shapes. The second arrow lets you choose WHAT shape to use and the 3rd arrow lets you choose your color. Just so you know- You can also access the square, rounded corner, ellipse {circle} and Line tool here. They are the boxes preceding the blob :)

And now for the finishing touches. I save all my templates in PSD,TIFF, PNG and JPG format.{click HERE to see how to convert your PSD into PNGS} Cover all the bases, right? You shouldn’t save TIFF or PNGs with shadows, but you can JPG and PSD. You don’t HAVE to of course, but I personally think it makes the template look better. Every shape I used to make this template came with my program. Anyone can make a template! It’s easy, right? Now, head over to the DSS forum and get your template making skills on! I’m hosting the template exchange and I’d love to chat with you over there. I made this template into a freebie too. You can DL HERE {CUOK} enjoy!


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Maybe it’s just me, but I like to have my working canvas fit to size on my computer screen. It’s easy to do that by using the shortcut command/control zero {as in the number 0}. But sometimes if the layer selected is larger then my canvas, it makes the sizing a bit off. Take the template I am working on below. The brown pieces are a lot larger then my 12×12 canvas. I could leave it like that, but it would make for one extra large file. Plus, it bugs me. Thank goodness there is an easy way to crop it to fit my canvas!

First, make sure you have the layer you want to crop selected. Then hit command/control A to select your whole canvas. Make your way up to the menu bar, then navigate to Image->Crop. And that’s it! Your layer will be cropped perfectly to fit your canvas!

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Post image for How To: Save Your PSD template into PNGs

Hello friends! Sorry I missed you all last week. My poor little boy has strep throat and a nasty bacterial infection. I haven’t done much on the computer for about a week! I am missing it, and I’m sure you all missed me, LOL.

During some talk at the DSS Forum, a few of you mentioned you would be interested in knowing how to save a PSD template into PNGs. It’s reaaaalllly easy to do. First of all, this is done in PS CS4. You can do this in PSE, but you have to buy the script and manually instal it. I think they run about $8. So, lets get started.

First, open up your template. I always run my templates before I shadow them, so the PNGs aren’t shadowed. The template pictured already has shadows, but it’s for learning purposes only ;)

Go to File->Scripts->Layer Compose to file.

Next a little box comes up. First you are going to pick your file destination. I find it helpful to have a pre made folder on my desk top that says PNGs. Just click the browse button to search for your folder. Then choose what you want to name your files. Then click the file type. Make sure you pick PNG-24 instead of PNG-8. Yes this will take longer, but your files will be better quality. And then hit run. And that’s it! Pretty easy eh?


On a side note, a few of you have wondered about glitter styles, how to use them, instal them etc. I would like you to know that a tut on this is in the works!! I’m not writing it, so I’m not sure how far out it is, but never worry, It will be here soon!

Have a fabulous day!

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