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It’s the little things that make life great isn’t it? For me it’s  chapstick, diet coke, flip flops, automatic flushing toilets in public restrooms. Just to name a few. The same idea applies to scrapbooking. When I first started digital scrapbooking, it seemed to take me ages to complete a page. You can cut some serious time if you use a few little “tricks”. Lots of seasoned scrappers may know these already, but if you are just starting out, chances are these will be new for you.

Here is a short list of my favorite little time savers when scrapping.

Please note- I work in CS4 on a Mac. The control key on a PC is the equivalent of the command key on a Mac. For ease, I will simply refer to this key as C.

  • Resizing the size of a brush or eraser- the  “ [ ” key resizes smaller and the ” ] ” resizes the brush or eraser larger. I love this function & use it ALL the time.
  • Resize your image to fit to page Hold C {as in command or control} and press zero.
  • Make a duplicate {great for when you are make clusters and need multiple flowers or leaves} hover over your image hold the alt key and click and drag. You will drag a new image with it’s own layer.
  • Resizing from the middle: Hold shift/alt while dragging the transform control. This will resize your image from the center – in.
  • Resizing with the vertical skew: Hold Shift/C while dragging the transform control.
  • Merge all layers: C/Shift E
  • Undo: C/ Z
  • Outline an element: hold C and click on the image in your layers pallet.

These are just a few of my favorite little tricks. I use all of these when scrapping or designing. If there is something you have never tried before, give it ago! You may be surprised at how easy it is to incorporate these little tricks into your scrapping and before you know it they will be second nature!

Happy Scrapping!

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