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Fairy Patch 1

Fairy Patch 1
Fairy Patch 1
Fairy Patch 1
Fairy Patch 1
Fairy Patch 1

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A 23 part fairy Patch Brush set, Magic at your hands, easy color these unique brushes to make magical projects come to life, Inside are high quality PNG files as well as a photoshop ABR file.

Commercial use ok, cu4cu ok

One brush reads: (Poem/Story Copyright © 2013 SweetMadeINC)


Find her sitting at the purple glitter fountain,

Where the Cherry trees have blossomed grand and grown high

and the air in the garden smells just like yummy pie.

Where the night turns pink and purple

with those blossoms sparkling mighty bright.

She waits for you to find her, as the butterflies unwind her,

Wild Blue Hair. Hurry child you are almost there." 

( please do not use the poem if you have not purchased this brush set)

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